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A Perfect Mover: The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need 


Moving is a thrilling and transformative experience. Whether it’s driven by family, lifestyle, or work, the process can be daunting as you navigate through numerous to-dos, checklists, and articles. Drawing upon our extensive experience moving customers across the U.S., we present the ultimate moving checklist tailored for an 8-week/2-month timeframe. 


**8 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Search for Your New Home** 

– Utilize online real estate apps for your initial home or rental search. 

– Research local realtors in your new area or request a referral from a national real estate company. 

– Outline your preferences for a new neighborhood and home, considering factors like school districts, work commutes, crime statistics, and local amenities. 


**Sell Your Home** 

– Collaborate with a realtor to list your home, schedule inspections, and set a closing date. 

– Stage your home with the help of a contractor or through a DIY approach. 

– Provide proper notice to your landlord, if applicable, and request the return of your security deposit. 


**Get Organized** 

– Create a move folder for all moving-related documentation, estimates, receipts, and important signed documents. 

– Designate a moving folder in your email inbox for easy access to correspondence related to your move. 

– Develop a detailed budget for your move and establish a move calendar to track important dates. 


**Gather Quotes and Pricing Information** 

– Protect yourself from moving scams by understanding red flags. 

– Determine the moving services you need, considering options like packing, unpacking, storage, and more. 

– Research and compare moving companies online, checking reviews, social media, and business directories. 

– Schedule a virtual or in-person walk-through to discuss costs, services, and the moving process. 


**Understand Your Move** 

– Know your moving company’s responsibilities and what’s included in the base price. 

– Familiarize yourself with move protection options and the claims process, especially for interstate moves. 


**7 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Prepare Your Family for Your Move** 

– Have open and frequent conversations with your children about the move. 

– If possible, visit your new home and area with your family to help them acclimate. 


**Prepare for Your New Destination** 

– Notify your current school about your upcoming move. 

– Research schools in your new city, complete registration requirements, and schedule an in-person visit. 

– Plan your new commute to work and familiarize yourself with nearby businesses, safety policies, and other essential aspects. 


**Have Kids in School?** 

– Notify current school about your upcoming move. 

– Research schools for your kids in your new city, complete any required registration documentation, and transfer necessary records. 


**Have a New Employer?** 

– Research nearby businesses and understand your employer’s policies and procedures. 

– Confirm your work start date and time or, if seeking employment, begin your job search with an updated resume. 


**Have Pets?** 

– Research pet-friendly amenities in your new area. 

– Look into veterinarians, doggie daycares, and dog walking services. 

– Schedule a final check-up for your pet before traveling. 


**6 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Protect Important Documents** 

– Consider scanning physical documents to the cloud. 

– Secure logins and passwords for online accounts. 

– Safeguard essential documents like passports, birth certificates, and financial statements. 

– Collect product warranty documentation and manuals in one place. 


**5 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Transfer Important Documents** 

– Plan to transfer medical records, dental and optical records, prescriptions, and pet medical records. 


**Coordinate with Your Employer** 

– Request time off for move preparation and update your address with the payroll department. 


**4 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Start Decluttering** 

– Designate an area for items you want to purge, separate by items to throw away, donate, and sell. 

– Organize a garage sale or use online consignment services. 

– Arrange for junk removal and shred documents that need disposal. 


**Begin Packing Process** 

– Designate at least one week to pack. 

– Familiarize yourself with packing materials, gather supplies, and use our packing tips for specific items and rooms. 

– Create an inventory of belongings, label boxes by room, and pack strategically. 


**3 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Update Your Address** 

– Update your address for financial accounts, subscriptions, insurance policies, and more. 


**Coordinate with Your Employer** 

– If needed, request time off work and ensure your payroll department has your new address. 


**2 Weeks before Your Move Date:** 


**Prepare Your Home** 

– Clean your home or hire move-out cleaning services. 

– Remove nails and screws from walls, prepare furniture for protection, and make necessary repairs. 


**Prepare for Your Trip** 

– Compile a playlist, plan your route, and prepare for your travels. 

– Service your vehicle if driving or make travel arrangements if not. 


**Take Care of Housekeeping Items** 

– Return borrowed items, library books, and items to local stores. 

– Settle fees or penalties and prepare for goodbyes. 


**1 Week before Your Move Date:** 


**Prepare Your Appliances** 

– Unplug, empty, defrost, and clean your freezer and refrigerator. 

– Disassemble water filtration systems, empty dishwasher, and disconnect appliances. 


**Set Up Services at New Home** 

– Schedule appointments with utility providers and create a list of contractors you may need. 


**Plan for Move-Out Day** 

– Arrange daycare for kids/pets, meal prep for the week, and prepare for tipping movers if desired. 


**Move-Out Day:** 

– Confirm arrival timing with your mover. 

– Be ready to direct movers, sign necessary paperwork, and leave a welcome note for incoming residents. 


**Move-In Day:** 

– Be aware of the weather, protect your floors, and set up essentials in your new home. 

– Assemble furniture, baby-proof your home, and change locks for security. 


**First Week at New Home:** 

– Pick up groceries and personal items for the week. 

– Deep clean your new house or hire move-in cleaning services. 

– Research security systems, explore your neighborhood, and file a claim for any damaged or lost items. 


**Begin the Unpacking Process:** 

– Unpack essential items first, involve kids in setting up their rooms, and consider utilizing an unpacking service. 


**Get Your Documents and Accounts in Order:** 

– Confirm your address change with all organizations and set up new accounts if applicable. 


**Settle In:** 

– Introduce yourself to neighbors, leave reviews for your realtor and moving company, and explore your new surroundings.